Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Play the WIP Game!

Some members of the Apocalypsies introduced me to this fun writers game last year (in between talking to ourselves and having nervous breakdowns over imaginary beings, we writers do occasionally like to play a game or two). It's called the WIP (work-in-progress) game.

Basically someone picks a number at random and then also says top, middle or bottom.

For example, I'll say...page 42, top.

Now everyone go to the manuscript you're working on at the moment, and write down a line that can be found on the top of page 42. (If you haven't gotten to page 42 in your WIP yet, then go to the last page you do have.)

Here is my line:  

But any of that stuff, in my world, translates to fighting monsters and scaling cliffs and, you know, doing some really sweet swordfighting moves. 

Your turn! Leave me your sentence in the comments section! 


  1. “Oh, Mom, I don’t care,” I said, trying to stifle a yawn. “I’m so tired right now I could sleep anywhere.”

    (Obviously this will change with revisions, but this is the sentence at the top of page 42 as it stands right now. Enjoy)

  2. “I’m not going without my brother,” William whispers.

    1. Thanks, J! Can't wait to read this one.

  3. This sounds like a great game. :) I love your line!
    Here is mine:
    Papa’s safety and good name depended upon me now, not the other way around as it should have been. “Joan of Arc saved France when she was no older than me,” I said. “I just want to save my father. Don’t you?”

  4. Fun! I want to play! Here's my sentence:

    Paul, looking everywhere but at Coach Duncan, catches me watching and blows me a kiss, prompting Coach Duncan to throw his hands up in disgust and point to the corner where Paul will be banished for the rest of warm-ups.

    1. Ha! I have a funny image of him blowing kisses in gym class (not knowing the exact context, of course).

  5. Wow, talk about taking civic pride seriously. But maybe everyone here is like this. It would make Morris deciding we had to live here make a weird kind of sense.

    "So who did you and your family take over for? I'm trying to change the subject when I add, "What do you parents do? Do they have a shop downtown too?"