Monday, January 31, 2011

Confessions of a Screenwriting Major

I majored in Film & Television in college, focusing mostly on screenwriting. I got to run around making or helping out on something like 20 films per semester, watch Star Wars in one of my first classes, and intern at the BBC in London. Sounds fun, doesn't it? It was. It really was.

As a film major/human being, I've always loved the Oscars. The anticipation, the gowns, the glamor, the triumphs, the surprises, the good speeches, the awkward speeches, the opening numbers...I love it all! And every year, I can't wait to grab some junk food, plop myself in front of the TV, and watch a few hours of unabashed glittery goodness. This year should be no exception. 

I've seen only half of this year's 10 Best Screenwriting nominees. But I thought it'd be fun to write a little haiku, highlighting what I thought of each of the five I've seen (and I did genuinely enjoy all of them). So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado:

An Ode to the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Screenwriting Nominees

What's real and what's not?
Our minds are as bent as the
dream architecture.

The King's Speech
Unlikely friendship,
overcoming setbacks and
a lovely romance.

The Social Network
College boys typing,
arguing, getting cocky
is edge-of-your-seat.

Toy Story 3
Pixar succeeds by
not forgetting heart lies in
story not effects.

True Grit
The masters of wit
make another Western as
clever as teen girls.

If I were a voting member of the academy, I'd:
a) make sure to have seen all ten nominees.
b) based solely on what I've seen so far, vote for Aaron Sorkin's The Social Network for Best Adapted Screenplay and David Seidler's The King's Speech for Best Original Screenplay.

Reasoning: I'm in awe of anyone that can make e-mails and legal depositions visually fascinating (so hats off to you, Mr. Sorkin), and The King's Speech is just one of those feel-good, inspirational movies that seems to hit the mark on every level. Plus writer David Seidler spent decades researching the film and getting permission to tell the story from the Queen Mum herself. Sounds like a fascinating story in and of itself, no?

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