Monday, January 24, 2011

Shall We Begin?

I'll start out by being completely honest: I'm not really sure where this blog is going to go. I figured I've had some interesting/exciting/surreal things happen to me over the past few months. Since we live in the Age of Oversharing, I thought why not write about it here?

It's possible I'll be the only person who ever reads any of this. I'm okay with that.

Or it's possible you're here and reading this too. In which case, welcome!

I've wanted to be a published writer since I was seven-years-old. In fact, I've wanted to write children's books since I was seven. Last August, I got a phone call that involved the words "you've got an offer on your book." It meant I would actually get what I wanted. It's not often that happens.

I'm obviously elated. I'm also disbelieving, nervous and slightly terrified. Mostly, I'm grateful. Often, I'm cold. Always, I'm asked to repeat my name upon first meeting people.

It's pronounced Sar (like the first part of Sara) - ve (rhymes with meh) - naz (like the rapper).

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