Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Blurb Game

When I was in high school, my friend Sharon and I spent a few weekends writing a short story. The story was about 40 pages long and involved a murder mystery, our high school, and very poorly disguised versions of most of the kids in our theater department.

A few years ago, Sharon got married and as a present, I dug up the story, printed it up via Lulu.com and gave it to her. She loved it, of course, and I had so much fun revisiting our silly story and also packaging a fake book.

Check out those blurbs:

Impressive, right?

A few weeks ago, my agent mentioned to me that I may want to think about who I'd like to blurb my book. I have to admit that the very first thought that ran through my head was, "Oooh. It'll be fun to make those up again."

And then I realized, perhaps, that is not what happens when a real book is being packaged. Specifically, when a real book is being packaged by professionals.

Riiiiight. So I have no idea who (if anybody) is actually going to blurb my book. But if I could make them up, this is what they'd say:

"This book made me want to become a stalker-fan of Sarvenaz Tash and visit her theme park multiple times in one year even though I don't really live anywhere near it." - J.K. Rowling

"I could not put this book down! Which is most impressive since my hands have disintegrated for over two centuries now." - Jane Austen

"Some might say this book makes more sense than Tash's previous outing. I say...does it?!" - David Lynch [so awesome that he is a repeat blurber]

What about you? If you could have anybody blurb your book, who would it be and what would it say?


  1. It would go something like:

    "I happen to like nice men" - Princess Lea, THE (on my bad boy MC)

    "It's five by five," Faith the Bad Vampire Slayer

    "She gives me something to sing about," Joss Whedon

  2. I’m not sure what they would say… but I know who I would want, and they are: Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Brandon Sanderson and Brandon Mull just to name a few. Hopefully they would rave about it.

  3. Definitely Snake Eyes, Mola Ram, and Jesus Christ.

  4. Why, YOU, of course. Think you'll be up to it in, oh, 10 years or so when it's finally ready?;) Suzanne Lucero

  5. Suzanne, darling, if I'm ever at a point where I'm actually blurbing other people's books, be sure that I'll be there, pen in hand. :-)

  6. LOL love your blurbs, and what a great idea for a present!

  7. Fun post and great gift idea! I actually got a blurb from one of the people I wanted to blurb my book, Kirby Larson. And I'm running a "blurb your favorite book contest on my blog." What a coincidence!