Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Apropos of Nothing: My Take on 'The Voice', Episode 8

I spent 8 seasons getting sucked into American Idol and finally, finally felt like it was time to let it go this year. It was great. I was getting THREE HOURS of my life back every week (most of which I spent writing, honest).

And then The Voice came along. And I had to watch one episode and BOOM. Sucked in again.

To make me feel a little better about the amount of time that I am now devoting to this show, I think I'm going to use it as blog fodder. Yeah. Cause blogging is writing! Yeah! Uh-huh...(just go with me. Please.)

So today I present, my non-sequitor observations on The Voice, Episode 8.

1. This is probably the best Christina has looked all season. I dug the braids. I did not dig, however, having to constantly ignore my craving for Cheez Doodles. I'm on a diet, X-tina and The Voice spray tanning team. Please have a little respect.

2. Cee Lo's jacket was the article of clothing that kept on giving. First I was like, ooh, sparkles. And then I realized they were multi-colored sparkles. And THEN, I noticed the zipped sleeves with the peekaboo turquoise and teal swatches. I desperately, desperately wanted to see the lining. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

3. Things Nakia probably never thought would happen in his lifetime: appearing on primetime television in a fluffy white bathrobe. While getting an awkward group chair massage. With Cee Lo Green...

4....whose awkward group chair massage ring was the size of his middle finger. Oh to be a celebrity, where you can keep your jewelry on during massages. 'Tis the stuff of dreams, really.

5. Seriously, though, even the out-of-focus aerial cutaway shot from the group massage was awkward.

6. The one-third of the 2-hour show that was devoted to Christina's teary ode to her team. Also her shout-out to one of her own music videos during a critique. Well played, Ms. A.

7.  I'm starting to feel like I really know these A-listers. For example, I am now aware that should the opportunity ever arise, I shall be gifting Adam Levine with a dapper sweater to add to his collection.

8. And the million dollar question: Has Carson Daly been replaced by a robot?

And, for no reason at all, here's how I think the eliminations will go next week:
Team Adam
Saved by America: Javier
Saved by Adam: Jeff

Team Cee Lo
Saved by America: Nakia
Saved by Cee Lo: Vicci (who was my fave of the night)

Saved by the Bell: was an awesome show


  1. Ummm, when do I get gifted a sweater?

  2. The color of Christina's dress looked so gorgeous on her!! And agreed that Cee Lo's jacket was completely amazing! And also agreed that the spa scene must have been really uncomfortable to shoot!