Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stop Me If I Make An Unnecessary Prequel In Thirty Years

If The Hangover Part II's box office receipts last weekend taught me anything, it's that sequels make a lot of money everybody loves a sequel! And who am I to not try to make bank deny the public what they want.

Contrary to my declarations oh, about two weeks ago, I decided to give this vlog thing another shot. The good news is that famous painter (it's true because it's certified by the YES Network) Graig Kreindler is in this one, too. And this time he's interviewing me about some of my favorite things.

Rated G for Geeky. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

The Sarvenaz & Graig Show, Episode 2 from Sarvenaz Tash on Vimeo.

Oh, and I apologize for the backward writing. Apparently the MacBook's built-in cam records everything in mirror form because Apple thinks it would be jarring for consumers otherwise (seriously, that was the official explanation in their forums). I've figured out a workaround to this but it'll have to happen in the next episode...that is, if there is a next episode. [twirls imaginary producer mustache]


  1. Stupid men are the only ones worth knowing at all.

  2. I do love Modern Family and Parks and Recreation a great deal, but The Sarvenaz & Graig Show has to be my favorite TV show. I just hope it gets picked up for a second season!

  3. Phoenix feather and wand ever!

    Another fantastic vlog!!