Monday, August 29, 2011

Books I Love: Kat, Incorrigible

This weekend, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene (by which I mean the inordinate amount of cans of tuna I now have in my cupboards), I fell in love.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Kat, Incorrigible.

Yes, it's a book. Don't tell me you're surprised.

Here's another non-surprising factoid: two of my favorite things in the world are Jane Austen and Harry Potter. So when I first heard about this Middle Grade book a few months ago--a story that was inspired by Jane Austen, took place in Regency England and involved magic--I was absolutely intrigued. I knew I had to read it. I hoped very much that I would love it but I also knew that, with my high expectations, there was a good chance it could disappoint me.

It. didn't. In the least. I spent my Sunday afternoon reading the book and--when I wasn't laughing out loud--batting my eyelashes at it moonily.

As just an example, here are the first two lines:

I was twelve years of age when I chopped off my hair, dressed as a a boy, and set off to save my family from impending ruin.

I made it almost to the end of my front garden.

It only gets better from there. This book is hilarious, charming and gorgeously, effortlessly plotted. I'm in awe of how author Stephanie Burgis brought the period of Regency England to life while still making the relationship between her three main characters (three sisters) feel absolutely timeless. With the exception of certain vocabulary, they could be having those conversations in 2011, practically anywhere in the world. It's marvelous really is.

And speaking of those characters: I can't begin to describe how much I adore them. The heroines! The villains! The would-be villains! The tragic, romantic guy! (Seriously...they're all in there). And then, wonderful, glorious Kat. Our plucky, twelve-year-old heroine who can get herself out of any jam.

No doubt, kids will love this book. But I really think adults will love this book, too. Especially anyone looking for a massively fun page-turner and an exceedingly pleasant afternoon of reading. In my opinion, Jane Austen would most definitely approve.


  1. Darn it all! I just called the local book store and they don't have it! That's what I get for living in a small town. I've been looking for a good book to read and this looks perfect! Amazon, here I come!

  2. Oh, you'll have to tell me how you like it!

  3. I'll have to look into it, if not for me: at least for my kids.

  4. I totally think your kids will love it!

    Also, if you're ever looking for a great example of plotting (especially the whole idea that your protagonist should always be put in the way of most resistance, should always use previously disclosed--but not obvious--resources to get out of it), I highly recommend it.

  5. This book sounds amazing; thanks for the scoop. The cover art style reminds me of MAPMAKER's -- is it the same person's work, or just a coincidence? Either way it's gorgeous!

  6. It does look similar, but it's a different artist. I agree though, the cover is absolutely beautiful...wait until you see the back! It gets even better.

  7. I have to read this! I love Jane Austen and Harry Potter, too! I'm planning on a Labor Day Pride and Prejudice fix (the one with Colin Firth, of course).

    I'm putting this on my list to read.

    (Jeff's blog sent me, BTW, and I'm so glad it did!)

  8. EXCELLENT. CHOICE. (That miniseries is one of my favorite things in the world).

    Welcome to you! I'm so glad you're here. I'm reading your blog now and it's cracking me up.

  9. This looks like such a fantastic read! It will definitely be going on my TBR list.