Friday, August 19, 2011

Vlog, Swag and Other Four Letter Words

Yesterday, as a part of WriteOnCon (an annual online children's writing conference), I was in a group vlog with the Class of 2K12, a group of 21 authors with debut YA and MG books coming out in 2012. I have to admit I look pretty stiff and awkward in this vlog BUT, if you're a writer--especially one looking to get published--I think you should check it out for the wise/inspiring words of my classmates. And try to take my word for it that I'm less awkward in real life (maybe by a smidgen, but still. Less awkward).

You can watch the vlog here. Plus, if you leave a comment, you can win a tote bag of some 2K12 swag Which...

...segues nicely to my next four letter word. Swag! I have the final version of my stickers to share with you.


Now, I'm guessing this doesn't entirely make sense without having read the book. Hope you think they're cute anyway. I really love them.

And according to this blog post title, I promised you other four letter words. So hear they are: goop! ears! whoa!


  1. Sarvenaz, thanks for linking the video, sweetie. It gives me hope. ;)

  2. Thanks, Cari!

    Suzanne, I'm glad to hear you liked it! :-)