Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dreamcasting 'The Mapmaker and the Ghost'

Now that quite a few people have read The Mapmaker and the Ghost, I feel like I can finally share my dreamcast for the (maybe-one-day-there'll-actually-be-a) movie!

Now, this is a little tricky because my characters average at around 11 years old, and there aren't a lot of 11-year-old actors to choose from. With that in mind, I've decided to eschew the laws of time and cast any actor from any era. Why? Because I have a 200-year-old ghost roaming around my book, that's why!

Without further ado:

Goldenrod Moram

Jenny Lewis ca. late 1980s. Spunky and fabulous (and destined to be a rock star).

The Old Lady

Maggie Smith ca. now. Also spunky and fabulous (and just a little bit mysterious).

Meriwether Lewis

David Tennant ca. now. Look! There he is in a maroon overcoat and all! (And NO...this wouldn't be purely so I could stalk him on-set. Not purely.)


Dakota Fanning ca. 3 years ago. A fabulous actress who would bring just the right amount of sass.


Johnny Depp ca. 30 years ago. Ready to bring on the villainous intensity! (Also not purely so I could hang out on-set with a young Johnny Depp. Nope, not at all. I object to these accusations!)


Jonathan Ward (a.k.a this kid from the first season of Charles in Charge. For the record, I really liked the Pembrokes.)

Toe Jam

Ben Savage ca. 1st season of Boy Meets World.


Zachery Ty Bryan ca. 2nd season of Home Improvement. (This might be the point at which it becomes blatantly obvious that I grew up in the 90s.)


Jared Rushton. Who starred in Big and Overboard and then promptly realized he'd reached the pinnacle of amazing cinema and needed to go no further. Until now...


NPH ca. 30 years ago. Because I dare you to find me a more adorable/loveable kid.


  1. Love your choices!!! I might have to shadow you on set so I can "not stalk" people too! :-)

    1. I already assumed you'd be my partner in nonchalantly hanging around, jotting notes with our Sonic Screwdriver pens and sipping tea from our TARDIS mugs.

    2. Ok, phew. I'm glad that was a given assumption, but I felt I just had to say it just in case :-) I can also bring my Tardis cookie jar to keep any cookies safely stored on set if needed.

    3. An excellent plan. There will, naturally, be cookies.

  2. Replies
    1. I originally considered an even younger version of him for Birch, but I think this works better.

  3. You had me at Maggie Smith, then KEPT ME at Johnny Depp. This is marvelous! :D

  4. LOLing so hard at Lint. PERFECT.

    Pardon me while I stop commenting and scroll back up to stare at David Tennant for the rest of the afternoon.

    1. Time well spent, I say. I think I'll join you.

  5. Love this list! And I super-love that you picked the kid from Charles in Charge. lol

    Have fun travelling back in time to collect your cast (*cough* Johnny Depp *cough*).

    1. It's a tough job but SOMEbody's gotta do it.

  6. These are brilliant choices and made my '90s heart proud. And I remember that EXACT image of NPH because I had that picture on my school organizer in junior high school. It was a collage of cute boys and cartoons. Yep.