Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Time for Another Geek-Off!

Friends, Romans, countrymen. Lend me your [Spock] ears.

It's time for another round of my favorite contest: The Geek-Off!

How does it work? Simple. Just comment on this post (or tweet at me) with your submission for what makes you worthy of being called the winner of the Geek-Off. It could be an object, an experience, an alien abduction...whatever you think will get you the highly coveted title.

As an example, previous winners include:

The owner of this Bat Symbol-engraved wedding band.

The creator of these "Potter Bucks."

Get your submissions in by this Thursday at 5 PM EST. And then all submissions will be put to a vote. (Democracy is soooo geeky.)

The winner will receive this stunning Geek mug designed by yours truly.

And bragging rights of course.

As a tip: posting links to pictures is recommended. We geeks are highly visual people.

Let's do this, geeks!


  1. At my wedding this summer, I incorporated the classic Spider-Man line, "With great power comes great responsibility" into our ceremony, had a reading from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman and had Han Solo and Princess Leia Lego cake toppers.

  2. Hooray for Lego cake toppers! I made Ron and Hermione ones for one of my wedding pies. Other geeky toppers included Wall-e and Eve and a pair of Smart Cars in love. Pictures here:

    Fun contest, Sarv! :)

  3. I named my son Logan after Wolverine. At age 5 while browsing the internet he learned Wolverine's birth name was James Howlett. For a long time he asked that we refer to him as James and believes still (he is now 11) that we should change it legally.

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  5. Photo
    The following 3 items are in the top drawer of my desk, within easy reach to be used at any time (from left to right in the photo):
    1) OBD-II diagnostic scanner, to tell what's causing the Check Engine light in a car, or perform emissions inspections in my garage
    2) digital calipers, precise down to smaller than a millimeter
    3) a wristwatch spanner, for removing the backs of watches when you need to replace the battery inside

  6. I believe I am not allowed to enter my submission, a video of my bestie and I drunkenly singing and playing a certain hit song by a certain amazing locomotively-named rock band, for fear of dramatic repercussions should said video be made public. BUT: Trust me, you would consider it pretty geeky, and you would love it if you saw it.

    (Because it is amazing.)

  7. I think Billy and Tara are strong contenders because as "Batman ring" can tell you, showing geekitude at your wedding takes commitment.

  8. Not sure if this counts, but my daughter and I are going to attend the 20th Otakon convention in Baltimore next year:

    PS Anyone who would keep an OBD-II diagnostic scanner in his desk drawer is a died-in-the-wool car geek, as opposed to the rest of us who merely play with the symbols of our imaginary friends (or pretend we ARE our imaginary friends ... or a rock band).

    Love your geek-0ff contests, Sarv.