Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Couple of Characters

Whenever I see a strong, complex female protagonist--be it in a movie, book, TV show, video game, etc.--I get really excited. Sadly, they're still much rarer than their male counterparts.

One of my all-time favorite kick-butt female protagonists is teen super-sleuth Veronica Mars (from the criminally canceled TV show---wait for it--Veronica Mars). Veronica is:

- super smart
- super sarcastic
- has an unusual job that puts her in the way of adventure and danger
- still deals with some very real teen issues like unpopularity, ostracism and much, much more

I. love. her. And the lovely, talented Kristen Bell plays her to perfection.

My other very favorite thing about Veronica Mars is Veronica's opposite: the popular, snooty, polarizing Logan Echolls. In terms of depth of character, I think Logan is a paragon. In terms of nuanced acting, I think Jason Dohring (who plays Logan) is vastly, vastly underrated and should be acting in many more things.

I often think of Veronica and Logan when I'm trying to give my characters life and depth (and a certain sassy quality I greatly admire). Interestingly enough, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas (no, not the one who is lonely at 3 AM) was a YA author before becoming a TV show creator. His novel Rats Saw God is on my to-read list. I'm really excited to see what kind of character work he's done in prose.



  1. Oh, veronicamars. I still think season one is the best single season of any tv show ever.

    You're right that Jason Dohring ought to be in more stuff. But Logan is a total, grade-A asshat.

  2. Oh, Season One. Yeah, yup, yes.

    I did say Logan was "polarizing." Though, I find it interesting that the two people I know who hate him the most are both men (who I think are missing the attractive bits of him).

  3. Agreed. I majorly love Logan.

  4. LOOOOVE Veronica, and also Logan! Veronica's sass inspired a character in my WIP :)

  5. Veronica is one of a kind all right, and I miss her, especially from Season 1!

  6. Hi! I've been reading (almost) all your blog today and I love reading about your author experience and your geek bouts.
    I LOVE Veronica! I love how she's so strong and so vulnerable, so bad ass and such a hopeless romantic at the same time. Like how she can't not be with Logan, or miss homecoming with Duncan, but still can leave them when it's time.
    It's my all time favorite show.

  7. Hi Elyn! Welcome and thank you!

    VM was just the best, wasn't it? I still hold out hopes for a movie (even though it will probably never happen).

  8. A movie would be great. Have you seen the pilot from season 4 that was never broadcasted? It's about Veronica doing an internship at the FBI.

  9. I did! I remember liking it but also thinking that, if it had aired, I would have missed Logan too much (since it seemed like he wasn't going to be in it).