Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Bash #25: The 80s

In my family, birthdays were a big deal. Since we didn't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, your birthday was when you got the big presents and the big celebration. My birthday happens to fall exactly one week before Halloween.

This is my setup as to why, for the past five years, I've thrown myself a big, themed bash where I've forced my friends to dress up in all sorts of manners. My first theme, for my 25th birthday, was the 80s.

This is what I wore:
That is my cousin's actual prom dress and that is my actual teen angst pose. I really need to Photoshop some lockers behind me.

This is what some other awesome people wore:

The Decor: Pink & teal crepe paper, tablecloths and utensils; totally tubular movie posters (Pretty in Pink, The Goonies, and Raiders of the Lost Ark to be exact); genuine Garbage Pail Kids cards (thanks, ebay!) hung from the ceiling
The Favors: Ring pops and sealed Garbage Pail Kids wax packs. One of my party-goers was brave enough to try the gum. She has not been heard from since.
The Music: Pretty obvious, no? I had an 11-hour long playlist. There was a lot of this going on:

At one point, we had a noise complaint and the cops were called. When I went out to speak with him in my 80s prom dress he politely asked if we were having a Halloween party and I decided to insist that, no. It was obviously my birthday. To his credit, he tried really hard to contain his laughter as he told us to please turn it down.

Turning 25 was totally rad, you guys. AND it gave me one of my favorite couple shots ever. This:

P.S. That's my friend Jenny in the background who dressed like she was in her 80s.


  1. I got so much use out of that sequined black dress with poufy shoulders. Also-my hair is Dynasty-tastic.

  2. Katie, I should have given your hair its own award. Lesson learned.

  3. I will NEVER fit into those jeans again...

  4. Graig just took clothes from his closet for that. I recall that jacket and that T-Shirt!

  5. The T-shirt yes, but actually, I think that handsome jacket was borrowed. Or so I've been told...