Friday, July 22, 2011

Geek-Off, Part Deux: Vote for the Winner!


And the winner of the 2nd Geek-Off is...Euric with his last-minute entry of Potter Bucks!

Although Euric has been laid up recovering from knee surgery, he has clearly decided to put that time to good use. Here are some close-ups of his winning artwork:

I especially like the captioned names. Extremely Geek-Off worthy! Euric, get ready to sit back and wash down some painkillers with your brand new Geek mug. (And feel better!)

And thanks SO much to everyone who entered. You all rock in the geekiest way possible.

Oh, geek-friends. You make me so happy with your stories and beloved objects of geekery. I thank the Internet for bringing us all together.

And's time to vote for the winner of the second-ever Geek-Off! The poll will close on Sunday at 11:59 PM EST.

Before I leave you to it, I will present you with two entries that have a visual component.

Glove Dinosaur
Potter Bucks
Who will win the coveted title of Biggest Geek? Only you can decide! Vote away!


  1. How fun! Does your winner get a prize? I mean, besides the highly coveted title of Biggest Geek :)

  2. Indeed! See the previous blog entry for the Geek Mug of Glory!

  3. Love this contest, Sarv! It was a tough call. Is one of them you? :)

  4. Not this time around, Eve. My entry was a sonic screwdriver, but then I think the Bertie Bott's/sonic screwdriver combo trumped me so I took myself out of the running. :-)

  5. Geek on peps... in my eyes you all win, thx for sharing.

  6. This was fun. Problem is, I'm going to have to get more awesome geeky stuff in case you have another contest. ;)

  7. You gotta do what you gotta do, Suzanne. ;-)(And there will almost definitely be another Geek-Off.)

  8. There was some stiff competition, but you know what they say: money talks. Or potter-bucks talk.

    I am waiting for the spoils, which I will bring to work this fall and brag about my accomplishment whenever some inquires about the much coveted geek-cup.

    This was lots of fun! Thanks for hosting the competition!

  9. A well-deserved win for Euric. I especially like Mad-Eye Washington.

  10. catching up on your posts, I loved seeing the mere mention of the sonic screwdriver! Doctor Who is definitely a favorite of mine!