Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Class of 2K12 Has Launched!

What is the Class of 2K12 you might ask?

Well, inquisitive reader, it is a group of 20 young adult and middle grade authors whose debut books will all be coming out in 2012. Our tagline is "Fiction That Rocks." But you don't have to take my word for it*...because you can check out our just-launched website for yourself:

Just look at some of our covers!

And here are just some of our taglines!

Because being 12, flat-chested and harassed by the school’s popular girl isn’t bad enough, Lilah Bloom’s life changes forever when she is hit by lightning and can suddenly hear dead people. - Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy

When her best friend marries Henry VIII, a previously disregarded maid-in-waiting must learn to walk the fine line between secrets and treason, knowing her life and that of the Queen could be threatened by any wrong word spoken (and those left unsaid). - Gilt by Katherine Longshore

Haunting her own serial killer, while gratifying, turns into a huge and possibly catastrophic distraction for Velvet Monroe and all she holds dear, including newly dead Nick, who despite a startling lack of scars and tattoos, she’s into…sort of. - Velveteen by Daniel Marks

And here's even a group book trailer!

It's an awesomely diverse and talented group. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of it.

Throughout the year, we'll be hosting tons of giveaways for books, Skype visits and more as well as coordinating group in-person events. In fact, we're giving away a giant 17-book basket to one deserving library on Facebook right now! Go here to comment and enter. You can also find us on Twitter.

In other trivia, the Class of 2K concept was started in 2007 by Greg R. Fishbone...the very same Greg R. Fishbone whose book you can still win at the bottom of my post from yesterday.

*This message is LeVar-Burton-approved!**

**This is a fabrication. Please don't sue me, LeVar.


  1. Huge congratulations!! Looking forward to following the blog and reading your posts.

  2. Hi!
    I write a blog, where I review and obsess over books and writing.
    I was wondering, would I be able to get an ARC or proof of The Map to review on it?

  3. Thanks for your interest, Romi! I emailed you with some info. Let me know if for some reason you don't get it.

  4. The trailer is so cool! And what gorgeous covers! Congrats on launching the 2K12 site. Every debut there has me drooling. But I promise not to drool on the books when I buy them.