Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank You and Winners!

Truth be told, I've been planning Monday's giveaway for months, ever since I got my ARCs really. October 24th was my birthday and exactly 6 months out from publication. Just seemed too perfect!

I have to say I've been floored by the amount of responses. Over 200 entries and 40 entrants...that astounds me, honestly. Not to mention how much I've loved reading about everyone's favorite birthdays: from marriage proposals to Brazilian surprise parties to Slip 'N Slides to Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. Thanks so much to everyone who shared their memories with me. It made my birthday that much more fun and I thank you from the bottom of my blogger/author/birthday-fanatic heart.

Okay, okay. And now for the real reason you're probably here. The winners! has determined that the winners are:

1 signed ARC of The Mapmaker and the Ghost, bookmark and sticker set:
Sarah E. (who spent her 30th in the company of RDJ as Mr. Sherlock Holmes)

1 $30 Amazon gift card:
Kellie D.G. (who finally received a much sought-after Cabbage Patch Kid)

5 The Mapmaker and the Ghost swag packs:
Mrs. Kee (who got proposed to on her birthday!)
Julie S. (whose cat brought her a dead chipmunk for her birthday)
Jenna V. (who set her hair on fire blowing out candles)
Rain L. (who cleaned up at a brewery for her 21st)
Lana K. (who had a Hurricane Irene birthday)

I'll be contacting the winners tout suite!

And for those who did not win this time, I offer you this virtual Butterbeer Cupcake, baked by yours truly (but that is another post for another day):

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  1. Congrats to all the winners! And I'm excited my 30th birthday helped me win :)