Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Bash #29: 90s Prom

Get ready to have your minds blown...I never went to prom.

I know what you're thinking. You want to give me that speech Annie Potts gives Andie in Pretty in Pink, don't you? At the very least you want to give me a hug. When I was in high school, I had at least one older co-worker tell me that I would regret it forever if I didn't go to prom...

I'm here to tell you that not only did I survive not going to prom, but I never looked back and wistfully wished I had. It just wasn't for me.

BUT...when it came time to throwing my 29th birthday party, I decided it would be great to make it 90s-themed. And then I decided it would be great to have my prom, my way (a la Johnny Castle in the pivotal final scene of Dirty Dancing). my 90s prom:

Everyone got to be prom king and queen.

My friend Jenny dressed like it was the 1890s because, as she rightly pointed out, I did not specify which 90s.

We danced until 4 AM.

Some of us interpreted dancing as "Hammer Time."

Beanie Babies were handed out as party favors.

The decor: Prom posters, obviously. Some very spirited friends came over and helped me make these. (In what was a very "green" move, they were actually zombified, spookified and turned into Halloween posters the following week).

The costumes: We had everything from real prom dresses to 90s goth chic. Crispy bangs to boy bands and--even--a celebrity sighting involving Bodyguard-era Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. It was pretty spectacular.

Naturally with laser backgrounds.
Clearly, the greatest boy band picture of ALL TIME. All they need is some marionette strings.

The music: While making my 11-hour playlist (seriously...and that was whittled down), I began to realize just how schizo the 90s were. You had your very early 90s extension of the 80s music, followed by grunge, followed by bubble gum pop and techno dance club hits. It was mad crazy.

And even though I was following a rule of 1-2 songs per artist, I realized it was impossible for me to cut out a single one of the four totally amazing Gin Blossoms songs that you and I know and love. So they all stayed. That's right, people. Nirvana got two songs but Gin Blossoms...FOUR. Who wins in life now?

Prizes: Superlatives such as "Best Dressed" and "Most School Spirit" were voted on. The prizes were hella cool DVDs such as Clueless and Reality Bites.

In short, I'm pretty sure this was way more fun than my real prom would ever have been. Honestly, did you get genuine Beanie Babies at your prom?


  1. 90s prom ruled! That playlist should never be deleted because it was awesome. We need to have a dance party to it again ASAP.

  2. This should be a monthly event.

  3. I still laugh out loud when I look at those pictures ... of Bryan's pants.