Thursday, March 15, 2012

My First Print Review!

The first print review of The Mapmaker and the Ghost is appearing in Library Media Connection magazine this month. Not only is this the first print review I've ever had, but it's especially important because LMC is targeted toward school librarians and whether or not books are good fits for their curriculum and collection.

So, without further ado, here is their review of The Mapmaker and the Ghost:

“Because her best friend and partner in exploration left her to survive upcoming middle school alone, Goldenrod sets out to create a map of her town and the forest behind her house in honor of her idols: Lewis & Clark. Several obstacles thwart her efforts, but the ghostly image of Meriwether Lewis encourages Goldenrod to pursue her goal. As she gets closer to finishing her quest and map, events come into play that will change the course of the mission. Full of adventure and mystery, this novel is sure to bring out the explorer in every reader. There are many minor characters that are sometimes difficult to keep track of, but each character’s back story helps. Historical tidbits will give some readers an incentive to learn more about Lewis & Clark, and maybe even mapmaking. RECOMMENDED.” – Lisa Wright, Library Media Specialist, West Yadkin Elementary, Hamptonville, North Carolina

And their key:
Recommended: Consider seriously for inclusion in the collection.

So...I'm thrilled. This line alone makes me extremely happy:  "Full of adventure and mystery, this novel is sure to bring out the explorer in every reader."

Thank you librarian Lisa who wrote the review and my friend, librarian Beth, who told me she ran across it when she was looking to order my book. In fact, thanks to librarians everywhere.

In related news, The Mapmaker and the Ghost will soon have a downloadable teaching guide, so if you do know anyone who might want to incorporate it into a curriculum, stay tuned (or have them email me at sarvenaz at sarvenaztash dot com and I will let them know as soon as it's available).


  1. Sarv, what a fantastic review!!! That line about "inclusion in the collection" is huge! I'm going to PLA today in Philly--don't you just love librarians???

    1. Have an excellent time at PLA!! And, oh yes, I majorly love librarians...even before the review! :-)

  2. RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Sarv!! :-)

  3. Yay!!! I totally recommend your book but it's much more helpful (and AWESOME) when a librarian does.