Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Release Day Recap

Yesterday felt like my birthday.

I woke up to a ton of sweet, funny, touching, wonderful messages on Facebook and Twitter. I got to post the awesome, giant giveaway I've been itching to post forever. (You should enter if you still haven't! Chances are you already qualify for at least one entry so just fill out the form at the bottom.)

And then Graig and I set out on our mini bookstore tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Now, I admit, I was nervous. I thought it was possible that none of the stores would have my book, either because they weren't carrying it or they just didn't have a chance to stock it yet.

Regardless, valiantly we set off. Goldenrod is nothing if not brave, and I couldn't let my girl down. I had to try and visit her in her new homes.

The first place we went to was the lovely Greenlight in Brooklyn. With bated breath, I went to the children's section and...

There it is, on the bottom shelf. My very first sighting of The Mapmaker and the Ghost in the wild!

For the most part, this bookstore only shelves one book out on the floor at a time (even books like Twilight, so I wasn't too worried that it was currently the sole copy).

Next, we headed to the fantastic BookCourt, also in Brooklyn. This is the store that is hosting my launch party on Saturday, so I figured they had to have the book!

We wandered around the children's section but couldn't find it. I figured it must be in the back somewhere. Graig asked if we should try looking further in the store. I was skeptical since I figured it wouldn't be anywhere but the children's section.

Then Graig looked behind the register.

Yup, that is four, filled stacks of them back there in a very prominent display. It rocked. (And, hey, look...Goldenrod is hanging out with Stan Lee.)

Our next stop was the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope. I'll be honest. I had checked online before we left and it had said it was out-of-stock at that particular store. But I figured, why not throw caution to the wind? Graig double parked; I ran inside.

And lo and behold:

There it was in the MG new releases section! All turned out and proud.

The bookseller told me she had just stocked them. I then asked her if I could sign them and she said of course. So they now have that cool, green little "Autographed Copy" sticker on them (not pictured). If you're in the neighborhood and want an autographed copy, you know where to go!

I had just a little time to squee before I had to get back to Graig and his double park.

After lunch and a little break, we went to the Barnes & Noble in Tribeca where I actually worked for a few months before it first opened. I actually hadn't been back since then. I had total deja vu walking in there. And it was very surreal seeing Mapmaker there.

And then I may have done just a little bit of mischievous rearranging. Goldenrod wanted to visit her friends and I can't often say no to her...

(I'm sorry, lovely booksellers. Please forgive me!)

After that, we met up with my friend Jenny and the three of us went to the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. Now, this is a particularly special store for me because, almost five years ago, we were all at Midnight Madness for Deathly Hallows there. And that is one of my favorite memories ever.

Behold us then:

We are a little bit excited.
We are a lot bit dorky.
And now...with Goldenrod!

Jenny had actually checked that store in the morning and Mapmaker hadn't been there yet, so it was particularly awesome to see it there now.

And, finally, we went to the wonderful Books of Wonder where, right outside the front door, I found a flier touting my appearance there on Saturday!

Forgive the Miss America look. Lovely Jenny bought me flowers. And my face wouldn't stop grinning as it was.

They actually didn't have books on the floor yet because they're somewhere in the back waiting for me to sign them at the event. (You can order signed books from them here.)

Then we went out to dinner and I came home to more messages of love and, even more fabulously, pictures from my friends with their copies of the book. They were busy visiting Goldenrod too...because my friends and family are awesome.

It was a perfect day and I wouldn't change a bit of it. The best part was that I didn't feel nervous leaving Goldenrod alone in her new habitats. I was just as excited as she was for her new homes and new adventures. That's my girl!


  1. Sarv, as soon as I get a chance today I want to run to the bookstore in the next town over and check for MatG. We have a Wal-Mart and a Target but no honest-to-actual bookstores in my town. Hmm, seems like a void that cries out to be filled. I must speak to the planning commisssion about that. Later...

    1. Yay!

      It's actually at the Wal-mart website. I wonder if it's in the store too...hmmm.

      Good luck on your quest today! (And, yes, I fully condone you marching into the planning commission and giving them a piece of your mind.)

  2. I love it. And you're such a sweetheart about it, I can't even be jealous. :)

    1. Awww....thanks!

      By sweetheart, I assume you mean giddy fool. :-)

  3. What a great way to spend your launch day! I'm imagining people having to ask for your book at BookCourt, like it's some kind of controlled substance. Well, good books *are* addictive...

    And I love the Tribeca B&N!

    1. Ha! That would be hilarious. Yes, the Tribeca B&N is a gorgeous store.

  4. Huzzah!!!! So glad I got to spend part of the day with you! Super congrats!!! :-)

  5. I will be paying a visit to the B&N by work on Long Island and then I'm going to the one on E86th St this weekend to make sure Goldenrod is standing proud (and facing out)! I am so so happy and proud of you!! Also I love that pic of you, me and Graig at Harry Potter. So classic!

    1. Sweet! That pic is one of my all-time favorites for SO many reasons.

  6. This was so much fun to read. I'm going to scope out the Boulder Bookstore for it this week, and if I find it I'll send a picture. =)

  7. That's not me, Katie, that's Fenrir!

  8. Exciting, exciting, exciting! Love the photos. Hoping one day I might experience the same thrill of seeing my pride and joy in the shops. Enjoy every minute and good luck for the launch on Saturday.

  9. This sounds like the perfect way to spend the day! Congrats to you and Goldenrod!

  10. Congrats!! I loved hearing about your book birthday!!