Monday, February 28, 2011

I Have a Title!!!

Okay, so I don't normally do two blog posts in one day, and I usually try to be a little wittier with my post titles, but I just got some exciting news that I needed to share immediately. That leaves little time for cleverness.

After many months and many long lists, my book officially has a title! Ready? [long-awaited drumroll]

It will be called: The Mapmaker and the Ghost

[cymbal crash]

This was always one of my favorite prospective titles and I'm so glad my editor and the marketing/sales team at Walker have decided to go with it. I'm supposed to also be getting final cover art soon. Can I just say how much I CANNOT wait to share a cover, with a title, and my name following that most beautiful of two-letter words: BY?

Woot, people. Woot.

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