Monday, February 7, 2011

Titleist: Not Just a Golf Ball Anymore

One of the first questions anyone kind enough to listen to me prattle about my book asks is, "What's it called?"

My answer is to smile a little nervously and say something like, "Er...good question. It still doesn't have a title."

The manuscript is done. The book is well on its way to having finalized cover art. There are actual departments somewhere in the Flatiron Building talking about things like marketing and publicity. But seriously. It. Still. Doesn't. Have. A. Title.

Between me, my editor, and my agent we have brainstormed something like 60 titles. None of them have stuck.

My book is about a girl named Goldenrod. She's a mapmaker. She's 11. In my head, the project has always been called Goldenrod (or G-rod if she's feeling particularly gangsta). But this isn't the title. I don't know what the title is.

 That's where you come in, interwebs! Check out that stellar synopsis above and leave me a title suggestion in the comments below. I mean if you can't come up with a title, who can?!

This could be YOU!


  1. * The Golden Cartographer - is that too big of a word for a children's book?
    * Maps of Gold

    Not much else to go on. Perhaps an oft repeated line from the story.

  2. Those are both good ideas. I shall add them to the list!