Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthday Bash #28: The Beatles

Originally, the theme for my 28th birthday party was supposed to be something entirely different (don't worry; it was recycled for a later date). But then, Harmonix announced that it would be releasing Beatles Rock Band a couple of weeks before my birthday and that all changed.

You see, I love Rock Band. And I L.O.V.E. The Beatles. They were almost exclusively all I listened to while growing up. Except for some Michael Jackson and that one Goo Goo Dolls album that you probably owned too, admit it.

Anyway, the Beatles Rock Band concept was simple: come dressed as your favorite Beatle or Beatles song character. montage!

I love that they are in black and white. Genius!
They brought their own crosswalk. Naturally.
Maxwell's Silver Hammer (self-constructed and the winner of the costume contest) and some Sgt. Peppers.
Perhaps you can guess who I'm supposed to be?

Top on the list if things I would never have guessed planning this party is that three separate people would show up in mustard costumes. (That's two Mean Mr. Mustards and one very creative Yellow Submarine.) I loved it! It was especially great when I got all three of them to harmonize on Twist & Shout.

A little bit of the Rock Band part of the Beatles Rock Band party.
My friend Bryan made this cake FROM SCRATCH. It tasted as awesome as it looked.

A splendid time was guaranteed for all! Well, I had an amazing time, anyway.

For those of you not present for the bash...what would you have dressed up as?!


  1. In re-thinking my costume, I think I would have dressed as John from the rooftop of the Apple Building performance. Then again, I guess I don't really need an excuse to buy that leather jacket and grow the most amazing mutton chops of all time...

  2. Love the mustards. Were there any Blue Meanies? I probably would've dressed in a strawberry (fields) costume somehow.

  3. No blue meanies (that would have been a good one!) but we did have two strawberry fields!

  4. John, the eggman! Ah, John...I think I'm a slightly obsessed...