Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Covers I Love: Recent Reads

The expression "You can't judge a book by its cover" makes a lot of sense. I can't imagine that once you read a book, loving or hating it is much influenced by anything other than what's written on its pages.

However, whether you pick up a book in the first place, that can have a lot to do with what sort of artwork is slapped on the front. Especially when you're browsing a bookstore and mesmerized by those tables with 40 books on them that I swear are designed for suckers like me who did NOT mean to buy 20 books when they walked in.

But I digress.

Here are two recent reads that got me to pick them up solely based on their covers. (Of course, I eventually bought and read them based on their jacket copy, too).

It's so deceptively simple, yet so striking, right? The book is a tightly wrought murder mystery (with a few creepy moments) and I think the cover conveys that perfectly.

It's illustrated by Jennifer Wang and designed by Nancy Resnick.

Obviously, a completely different book but striking all the same. Right away I get a sense of a time period, a certain playfulness and even a certain writing style. The book is a very clever (and funny) story of a governess in 19th century England bringing up three kids who were (literally) raised by wolves.

Illustrated by Jon Klassen (who also has wonderful full-page illustrations throughout the book) and typography by Sarah Hoy.

I'm happy to report that neither cover led me astray: I thoroughly enjoyed both books and would recommend them.

What about you? Any recent books you picked up because the cover stood out to you?


  1. Both of those covers are outstanding. Bravi!

  2. I won't lie I love covers and they will make me buy books just on that fact. Hourglass loved the cover and the book.

    I will say that as a blogger it's hard to be surprised because we hit the conventions and the web looking for covers, news, catalogs about what is coming out so I rarely walk though a store and say "ooohhh what's that about wonder if that is new"

    PS I have In the Woods because I loved the cover but haven't read it yet.

  3. That's really interesting, Cari! I can see how walking through a bookstore would be a totally different experience for a book blogger.

    I really enjoyed IN THE WOODS, though it also started a lively discussion between me and a friend. So I think it might be a bit divisive.

  4. I always brows by the cover, then I read the blurb, then I open the book and read a little... if it hooks me then I buy it. If me and the author don’t connect, back on the self it goes.