Monday, September 26, 2011

When Your Fifth Grade Teacher Turns Out To Be Kinda Psychic

This weekend, I was at my parents' house and I specifically sought out something I know I've wanted to share on my blog for a while. It was this:

...which is my fifth grade yearbook.
Inside, is an inscription from my fifth grade teacher, one that I've never forgotten since the day it was written:

That says:
Dear Sarvenaz,
I expect to read a novel written by you one day. Keep up the good writing. Lots of best wishes.
Mrs. Childs
Pretty neat, huh?

P.S. Today, in trivia you didn't ask for but are getting anyway: a very important character in The Mapmaker and the Ghost is named in honor of my elementary school.


  1. How interesting. It's wierd how others can see the potential that we fail to see in ourselves. Best of luck with the novel.

  2. That is awesome! Is she still around so you can let her know you *are* a real novel writer now?

    On another note, I feel really old, since I had a kid the year you graduated 5th grade.

  3. Lynne, she unfortunately doesn't teach at that school anymore so I haven't been able to track her down! Also, pssshaw. You're not old. And compared to your kid, I am!