Friday, April 22, 2011

Geek = WINNER!

The poll is closed and the winner of the first-ever Geek-Off is @nicholasdoyle. Nick's wedding ring has the bat symbol engraved inside of it. Like so:

Nick's story gets even better. Wait for it...his father-in-law made the ring. And his sister-in-law (his wife's sister) did the engraving. And Nick didn't even know about it. Clearly, Nick, you win at life (and at in-laws) and don't need my official Geek-Off crown. However, you won it fair and square (and what are we geeks if not fair and square), so here is your prize, which you will be getting in the mail shortly:

Runner-up was the valiant @debbbers. Debby is a head biologist. She is very, very smart and does very, very smart thing with viruses all day. One day, Debby made up this song:
Whatugonnado with all that virus? All the virus inside your iris? Imma gonna get conjunctivitis!
If I'm not mistaken, I believe said song is set to the tune of the seminal Black Eyed Peas classic, 'My Humps.'

Debby, you deserve something for your unabashed geekiness (and your vast lyrical improvements) so you shall be getting this:

As for me and my Gryffindor crest, I am humbled and delighted to be in third place and in the midst of such fine, fine geekery. Dolls, thrones, office supplies, Kenneth Branagh...I truly feel as if I am amongst my people! Keep up the good work, my fellow geeks. Who knows? There may be another Geek-Off just around the corner!

And for the record--because this story is too good not to share--last night I went to use my boyfriend's computer to Photoshop the proprietary 'Geek' logo you see above. He wasn't home and the monitor was asleep. When I awoke said monitor, I saw that it was on YouTube...on this video to be exact:

Yes, that is a narrated video of someone playing an 80s text-based adventure computer game called Conquests of Camelot. I almost gave him the crown right on the spot.


  1. In my game is awesome.

  2. I love geeks - they are way more fun than "normal" people :)

  3. Ha! That's not new - I wonder how often does your boyfriend watch that video? Because if I recall correctly, last year I watched something on YouTube about Graig Kreindler Baseball Artist, and when it ended, Conquests of Camelot came up under "Videos You May Also Like".

    At the time I thought it was weird but now it makes sense.

  4. I don't ask, Julie, because I don't want to know.