Monday, April 11, 2011

Twitter Contest: Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

I've reached 250 followers. First of all, yay and thank you!! Now before some twitterbots unfollow me, I present: the giveaway!

I'm running a contest with awesome, book-buying prizes. They are:

- One $50 Amazon gift card
- Two $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards

The rules are simple. Here's how to play

1) Follow me on Twitter and write me a Twit story using #janeaustenactionfigure as a character.
(Make sure to @ me so that I see the story!) Each Twit story can be no longer than one tweet. But you can enter as many stories as you like. (See the end of this post for examples of some of the adventures Jane Austen action figure had on Sunday, from my Twitter feed).

For visual reference, here is the Jane Austen action figure herself:

My favorite story will win the $50 Amazon card. My second favorite story will win the $25 Barnes & Noble card. (If there are enough entries, I may put it to a vote.)

But what about the third Barnes & Noble gift card you ask? Ah! That card will be drawn at random and here's how you can get your name into that virtual hat:
     -    One entry for participating in the contest (even if you enter multiple stories, you only get one entry per Twitter handle).
     -   One entry for every day you tweet about the contest itself (for example, if you tweet once on Monday and once on Wednesday touting the contest, you get two entries). You can either RT my contest tweets or, if you're doing your own tweet, make sure to @ me so that I see it! Update: If you post about the contest on your facebook or blog, you'll get an entry too. Just make sure to let me know that you've done that and provide a link if possible!

The contest will be running from now until Friday, April 15th at 6 PM EST. Good luck and hit me up in the comments section if you have any questions!

And here are #janeaustenactionfigure 's adventures from Sunday:
After surviving the Brontes' h.s. cafeteria debacle , #janeaustenactionfigure is approached at her locker by resident bad boy, JD Salinger.

Meanwhile, #janeaustenactionfigure 's sensitive BFF John Keats watches with jealousy and confusion as Salinger openly flirts with her.

After school #janeaustenactionfigure is on her way home--minding her own business--when she sees an odd pairing: Ernie Hemingway & Eddie Poe.

#janeaustenactionfigure hears Hemingway telling Poe to, paraphrasing here according to Miss Austen's wishes, man up & stop being a wuss.

Poe looks like he might cry, which would totally smear his guyliner. #janeaustenactionfigure knows this would only devastate him further...

..with one line, #janeaustenactionfigure puts Ernie in his place: Why don't you go spend 200 pages trying to catch a fish or something.

It may not seem like a huge putdown, but #janeaustenactionfigure knows what no one else does...

...that big bully Ernie is actually very sensitive about his fishing. Which he equates with his machismo. #janeaustenactionfigure 

After yet another action-packed day at school, #janeaustenactionfigure goes to sleep,wondering if it's possible that Salinger like likes her


  1. So can I post multiple tweets to write the story or does the story need to be complete in one tweet?

  2. The story has to be complete in one tweet, but you can tell multiple stories (each in their own tweet).

  3. I love this idea, Sarvenaz! And, as you know, I love your Jane Austen action figure.

  4. I think I did it right. My twitter username is chocolatedoggy... please reply back, if I did it the way you wanted us to.