Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Have a Geek-Off!

Friends, the time has come for me to confess...that I am a geek. A nerd. A person who gets embarrassingly excited about odd things.

I know, this is probably shocking. Have a seat. Make yourself a cup of tea. I'll wait.


Okay? All settled?

That's good because I have some more disturbing claims to make. The thing is, I've long had a suspicion that if you read this blog, you just might be a geek too.

Now, now. Don't get all up in arms. I'm not saying you definitely are. I'm just saying there's a good chance you might be.

And if you're still reading, and have accepted yourself as such, how about a little friendly competition, eh? No, not the kind that requires things like running or hand-eye coordination (puh-leeze). The kind that involves showing off our most prized possessions and having a...GEEK-OFF.

I'll begin and, I admit, I'm starting off strong.

There's a (non-working) fireplace in my apartment that came with a pretty little embellished design. Like so:

As we were painting it, my friend Bryan had an idea. Which my boyfriend, Graig, then executed.

Friends, I present to you...the crest of GRYFFINDOR!

Yeah. Uh-huh. That's right. something geeky to show me? Link to it in the comments below. Bring it...[pausing to use my inhaler]...on!


  1. Remember when I totally geeked out on you about knowing Alexis Bledel??

  2. Haha! Actually, I think you kept it pretty contained, Sarah. :-)

  3. You should see me in an office supply store. I get so excited when I see rows and rows of pens, pencils, paperclips, paper. stamp and ink sets. *sigh* you think they make a GEEK stamp and ink set? If they do, I'm so buying it. Wouldn't that be so cool! *snort, snort*

  4. I got my picture taken on the Iron Throne. Pretty sure that qualifies me for the Geek Off.

  5. I just moved 300+ CD-Rs of live concerts from under my bed to my TV console, up of which they take a third. 100 of those are probably of one band. A good 50 are just the uncompressed computer files (because we all know the sound quality of CDs is not nearly what it could be. Right?).

    All of which is to say, knowing your boyfriend, this probably seems like normal to you.

  6. Oooh, that IS a strong opener and very tough to beat. I love it!

    I have three words for you in response:


  7. *Record Scratch*

    Hold up.

    There were 'Swan's Crossing' DOLLS?!?!

  8. Where to begin? Let's see, last year I went to Medieval Times twice in one month. (But that's not geeky, that was just awesome)