Monday, April 18, 2011

Movies I Love: Pillow Talk

My dad is somewhat of a classic film buff and I grew up watching a lot of old movies (and an inordinate amount of musicals). There are some truly delightful films out there that I think are a bit under the radar for people of my generation. Sure, most everyone has seen or at least knows of The Wizard of Oz, or Gone With the Wind, or Citizen Kane. But have you seen...Pillow Talk?

This 1959 comedy centers on two people who share a party line. What the heck is a party line, you might ask. Apparently, there was a time when there weren't enough telephone numbers to go around and people were forced to share them. In this day and age of multiple personal communication devices, this concept appears horrifying, I know. Surprisingly, Pillow Talk is not a horror movie.

Ghostface is not on the other line.
Here's what happens. You have Jan, an uptight interior designer, sharing a party line with Brad, the consummate ladies man. They've never physically met but they basically want to strangle each other. That is until one day when Brad catches sight of the lovely Jan and disguises himself (and his voice) as gentlemanly Texan, Rex, in order to seduce her. Yes, Rex is the name he actually chooses.

Here are three vital reasons to see this movie (if you haven't already):

3) Brad and Jan? They're played by Rock Hudson and Doris Day. I dare you to find two more attractive people than 1959-era Rock Hudson and Doris Day.

2) The WARDROBE. Anyone who's ever drooled over an outfit in Mad Men has got to see Jan Morrow's closet.

1) The Big Reason: this film's got some of the funniest, wittiest, most layered dialogue I've ever heard. I still find new nuances every time I watch it (and I'm a repeated viewer, believe me). Plus the cheeky sight gags are grade-A fun.

Have you seen this gem? If not, would you consider giving it a go?


  1. Added to my Netflix queue! Sadly, it's not available for streaming...

    Re: #3: Audrey Hepburn. Bam.

  2. I always keep tomorrow open.

  3. Love this movie!! And I have you to thank for sharing it with me :-) PS - it's still my goal to one day have a coat to match every outfit.